1-06-12 by dave

Today was another beauty from start to finish.  Clear skies, roomy Trams, and some smooth runways, provided back to back fun for the attendees.  Regulator was predictably crispy for the morning session, but that did not keep the fast movers from ripping it.  I have been holding a tight fall approach to deal with those slick conditions, giving the middle section lots of room.  I have been looking off trail as the consolidation makes the off trail at least explorable in a cautious mode.  There are various lines to work which have escaped the crowd, so look closely and find some of those hidden gems.  Tomorrow, look for the hill to maintain the basic character, only influenced by the fast moving storm that is predicted to move through, leaving up to 6 inches in it’s wake.  That can’t be a bad thing, but it will make the visibility a definite factor, so remember your lines from this week, and stay close to avoid the hidden surprises.  Big Emma continues to be quite slick down the middle, but the left hand side seems to hold up the soft snow all day, so look there to keep the turns going without having to smear the glaze.  I will be taking tomorrow off, so work the hill for me and I will see you Sunday!!  Ciao!!

4 Responses to “ANOTHER BEAUTY”

  1. Skierguy says:

    Looks like a nice installment this morning!

    I was there in February 2007 after January was super cold and dry and the snow was low, but the conditions were still good enough to have carvalicious fun – and I’ve visited every year since.

    How does this year compare?

  2. Sean Smith says:

    Come on dave. it was hideous yesterday. ice everywhere. Thursday was better before everything was bullet proof.

  3. dave says:

    This pattern is a bit like ’76, but we did not have snow making top to bottom. There have been many years in the 80’s and 90’s when the high pressure parked for extended periods. Usually, however, we have much more snow off trail to fill in the selections. Glad you are having carvalicious fun as am I!!!

  4. dave says:

    Yes Sean you are correct that there were some large areas of hidiosity, but there were some threads of fun here and there, and that is what I am shooting for. I have been talking about the firmness daily, as well as the avoidance concepts. There are some interesting remote lines developing in the High North is you look around a bit.

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