1-05-12 by dave

The high pressure continues to deliver unusually high temperatures for this time of the season.  The Grooming Crew did a fine job of preparing the morning session with some deep tenderizing, which held off being scraped off until after 11:00 AM.  The smoothness is still holding strong, resisting the traffic in the busy sections, though the slickness persists after the fuzz is gone.  At 1:00 PM Regulator Softened up, with the right side actually getting that spring time corn feel.  You know that area  is going to be quite crispy in the AM, so expect that and factor that into the first run choice.  The off trail is providing more and more lines off the beaten path, which have consolidated and do not expose you to the punch-ability factor.  The off trail on Gad 2 has consolidated as well in some places, but care should be taken as it did not look all that doable to me.   There has been little grooming over there, so expect wide spread interference patterns on the main runs.  At 2:00PM the Sun was really warming up the air, hitting 50 degrees, making the Plaza feel like the beach.  Tomorrow, look for another Ground hog’s Day type day, one where you know that icy spot is right there, only this time you go around it etc……     My friend Dr Pepper,  AKA Mike Costanza is now back on deck for the festivities.  His arrival has usually been a harbinger of good things to come, and I think this time will not be an exception.  Thanks  Doc for bringing that special magic along.   See you all there for first Boat.    IBBY!!!

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