1-04-12 by dave

This morning was another warm one without the wind of yesterday.  Once again, the Grooming Crew had set up the hill for fun for the morning crew, who got to shave off the first fuzz of the corduroy.  The smoothness was not a “give me” by any stretch, slamming one hard charger with no mercy.  Fortunately, there was no serious injury, but another wake up call to the consequences of full commitment when the conditions are this hard.  The day warmed up, finally breaking Regulator at 1:30 PM, when the soft carvacious Sun modified goodness once again treated the afternoon crew.  Tomorrow, look for the that aspect to be very crispy indeed, so keep that in mind for the morning choice of run.  However, the Peruvian side is not much softer overall, as it does not see the Sun, and still is holding some of the glassiest spots.  The smooth is holding up all day long on the Groomed runs, but the fuzz is scrapeed off by 11:00 Am, so expect to deal with some of the variations as the day wears on.   The Sun is magic with a beautiful warmth that feels like warm honey, making a stay on the Deck a fine diversion. Not much else has changed, so I will sign out now.  BE Well!!

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