1-03-12 by dave

Beautiful untracked

The high pressure is still holding strong, with no real relief in sight.  The morning crew was treated to moderate temps., brisk North winds, and some significant tenderizing efforts by the Cat Crew just before opening.   Regulator was very crispy  after yesterday’s exposure to the Sun, but by 1 PM it started to get a bit softer.   Lower down on the hill required a recognition of the slick spots here and there.  Big Emma is still very crowded with areas of soft snow punctuated by areas of glaze.  I just am taking a survival approach there.  More peripheral lines are becoming worth the exploration as the consolidation of the snow pack makes them much more predictable.  Many lines can be checked out from the Tram or the Chair, giving you a fair idea of what you are getting.  Here is a shot of an untouched section that just looks prime.  This beautiful little line is mighty inviting, but has very big teeth, so I just left it alone for an other day.   Peace out!!   Stand by for photo.

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