1-10-12 by dave

The way the weather people were talking yesterday, today was supposed to been overcast ahead of this next brush by that is moving in, but it turned out to be a rather sunny and pleasant day.   I was able to drive with no hat and just sun glasses all day long.  The morning session was lightly attended, making the runs uncrowded and buffed.  I took advantage of the great combination to pull out the Wings to get some fast laps in before the folks started to arrive.  Back to back Trams were going off without a schedule, so the vertical added up quickly.  The off trail is becoming pretty worked, with some very tight interference patterns built up in the high traffic areas.  The traverse underneath North Chute, coming across from the Peruvian Chair, is very difficult to negotiate lately, requiring great care to move through it.  The snow on the other side of this feature is very nice, but that bit of traverse is sketchy, so know that going in.  Perhaps, check it out from the Tram to get a better look, you will see.  The snow pack is getting firm again after the last installment, with some adjacent lines to the main runs offering some fun variation, which gets you off the Groomers and back into a more natural feel.   Tomorrow, look for what ever the weather  brings to help with the firmness issue, though an over cast day could put a bit of a harsh on the visibility.  For some reason the light is remaining flat for much longer in the morning, and is still an issue as you move from Sun to shade, so develop a sense of the line to make the transitions  a bit less like guess work while you wait for your eyes to adjust.  Fun is still available during this low snow period, but you will have to bring your stoke factor to get the most out of the day.  See you there for the First Boat.   Ciao!!!

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  1. snakes alive says:

    big sky Montana has missed the drought! Not as much snow as last year, but when you consider that 84% of the US has no snow. Conditions have been extremely fast and rockless groomers. today we had around 4 inches of cold snow and this morning the temps around 4* F- because of the new snow and low temps confused the skiing- For the next 4-5 days the blue bird days will be returning. Give my regards to the team!
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