1-11-12 by dave

The front moved through fast, leaving clouds hanging on the peaks as I drove up the hill.  With no snow at the Trailer, I just figured that a trace would be a stretch, but the hill had a nice variation between Zero and 4” of the ultra light angel dust, which freshened the Grooming job.  I stayed all day, getting max trams because the back to back Trams made the vertical accumulation rapid fire.  The Snow guns were working hard all day offering a nice transition between new fresh and Gun Powder.  The quite cold temps. made the man made consistent and velvety as you passed each zone, however, there was a bit of crustulation after each band of buff, so a solid directional choice was recommended when exiting the buff areas..  The off trail lines continue to get increasingly worked, making me have to abandon a couple lines I have had a hand in defining these last 2 weeks.   Tomorrow, look for a fresh mow wall to wall, the morning Trams to provide the best hard driving fun of the day, and another day of Sunny indulgence.  Not much has changed, but that last little bit of freshness did not disappoint, despite the small accumulation.  Be there for the morning festivities, or wait for the Sun to get higher in the sky for better visibility.   Ciao!!!

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