1-12-12 by dave

Another cold morning greeted the morning crew.  I pulled out the Wings to take advantage of the low traffic, but was forced to abort take off down Regulator, when the combination of flat light, snow gun wash, and a lower apron littered with frozen cookies of assorted sizes, which may or may not have been frozen to the surface, thwarted my ambitions.   It was not the cookies one could see, it was the ones that were hiding in the flat light that would get you, so I killed the engines and just taxied quickly to the locker to trade out hand devices for something more traditional.  The Snow Guns were kicking out the Gun Powder relentlessly, filling in the tracks from one Tram to the next, offering some of the best snow on the hill.  The only caveat was is that there was some serious glaze to contend with as you came off the buffed area.  Chips Run offered a bit better traction for the morning session before things got skied off.  Just a look to the sides of the trail will reveal some traction to deal with the speed issues going into the congested areas.  It is rumored  that Mineral Basin will open in the morning, so that will expand the playing field significantly, though reports coming from there have been mixed, with some cautionary reports of some rocks on the Path to Paradise that might present some problems, and should be anticipated if you get that opening.  Be careful anywhere you go back there, knowing that the snow pack is still quite thin.  I will go out to

Dr. Pepper

get a good look, and will report in full tomorrow.    Here is a shot of Dr. Pepper himself taking advantage of some supplemental fortification of this popular drink that just happens to share his surname.   The good Dr. mentioned that, in his considered opinion,  I should stop using the aluminum foil hats, letting the full force of the Cosmic Communications blast through.  Hmmmmm.  That could be problematic.  I will just have to consider the ramifications.    Peace Out!!

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