3-18-17 by dave

Warm winds blew briskly on this sunny morning, after a slight freeze on the upper elevations.  The break was not going to take long with the warm morning temps. so getting an early start on the rock around the clock was key.  High clouds moved over now and then, screening the light and making the light go flat.  Great Grooming had been prepared, and tenderizing efforts had been employed on some lines to give that traction until the warmth morphed the pack in those few spots.  Here is a shot of Pipeline I took yesterday as I was hitting the Mark Malu smooth. Tomorrow,  look for another warm day, with some lingering clouds in the AM.  There should be a light freeze, but I think the lower elevations should still be feeling velvety on the Groomers.  I will be starting with the Lewis and Clark explorations to get a handle on the hill after my day off.  I will be looking for more surprise industrially smoothed lines that have been magically appearing all week long.  Work those aspects for the best softening curve and follow the Sun as it clocks around breaking the pack.  It won’t take long, be quick to change things up when you need to move to the next aspect.   In parting, I offer this classic shot of Team Sizzle basking in the afternoon Sun out at the Beach.  It was this crew that started that tradition oh so many years ago, and the tradition remains strong today.  I am very glad to know that if I make my way out there on last Tram today, I will find The Folks doing just this, in just the same way.   I bet there are many of you out there who can ID many of the faces here.  This shot has to be 35 years old at least!!  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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