3-17-17 by dave

It was a great day of chasing the Sun around the dial as the Spring conditions were going off in a fairly orderly fashion.  Mineral Basin was offering more great lines that were just softening as the first Tram hit the peak.  Lone Star had been prepared as well as the White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper, all of which offered steep smooth turns  that were just another kind of perfect.  The Front of the hill began to break around Noon, but the Gad side would take a bit longer to hit that sorbet feel, however the lower elevations did get soft a bit earlier.  I was still working the Peruvian Trifecta to get the big top to bottom shot that makes you pay attention, and gets your focus sharpened to a fine point.  Here is a shot of the co-author of Snowbird Secrets, Jackson Hogen, and Mikey M.  We were working the hill all afternoon staying with the High North to keep the dry cold chalk dialed in.  Check out Jackson’s amazing site, realskiers. com. where he has compiled the most extensive data set on all the new skis and equipment coming out for the next season.  Tomorrow, look for another warm day, however, the morning session will be offering the same overnight freeze of the pack, so follow the Sun for the breaking corn goodness.  Look for the Groomers to be ground pounding, but remember, Regulator will take the longest to break.  I attended another pizza tasting at Kazoodi’s last night, with Mikey M. creating some avante guard Barone’s Pizzas for possible introduction to his chain of restaurants in LA.  Here is a shot of the first Pan Pizza that came out of the oven.  It was goooood!! Thanks to Kazoodi and Mikey M for pushing the culinary boundary to yet another level!!   Speed Safely!!

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