3-16-17 by dave

The temps. were a bit lower to start the day this morning, with a bit of a breeze and high clouds that filtered the full rays of the Sun.  Extensive tenderizing efforts had been employed on all sides of the hill, offering good traction on the main runs.  Mineral Basin was offering the sunniest lines in the AM.  and the White Diamonds –  Lower Silver Dipper  drop was a fun way to start the day.  It was a full hour before folks started making their way back there.  The Front of the hill offered good lines but the slow break would take some time for the corn to mature.   When the break on the front of the hill went off, there were lots of choices to make.  Perfect sorbet lines  could be found and there were a few lines that were totally ignored that offered untracked corduroy until 2:30PM.  What a bonanza!!   At the Summit on Hidden Peak, I stopped for a quick pit stop and got this shot of the roasting chickens getting golden brown for the lunch crowd.I bailed at 3:00PM. but the quality was still holding up and dry cold snow could still be found on the High North where the Sun can’t hit it.   Tomorrow, look for more Sun and breaking Spring conditions around the dail as the Sun hits them.  Mineral Basin will be going off first, so get those lines before they go away later in the morning.  The High North continues to hold the cold, and there are some smooth wind slab lines that are still making  you turn.  I will be looking for those surprise Grooming efforts that seem to pop up in time for the weekend crowd.  It is always fun to get those little treasures.  Thanks again to the Cat Crew of the great treatment on Dean’s Gully in Mineral Basin last week, that was epic indeed!!  That was one for the books this season.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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