3-15-17 by dave

The Groomers were once again offering the goods once the softening had taken place, and that meant following the Sun to get the softening corduroy.  It took a while for the ball to start rolling, but tenderizing efforts got us a head start on all sides of the hill.  White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were just right for the first Tram assault, but continued laps there reaped the softening that felt perfect during that short window.  It was going to take a while for the front of the hill to break, so there was no need to leave the back until the break started.  When the break did go off, there were more and more fresh lines of goodness that held up for most of the day.   Here is another shot of the lower apron of Old Reliable that gives some perspective anddepth of field.  Laps on Gad 2 were fun and fast, though the Zooks extravaganza would take the appropriate time to hit the sweet spot.  In my haste to hit it all, I got a bit ahead of the break and was dealt some rough riding out ahead of the softening.  Doh!!  Tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies, more warm temps. and great Grooming efforts on all sides of the hill.  I expect continued tenderizing efforts on the main lines that give you the traction you need to steer clear of the High Shine.  Once again, patience will pay off as the lines will break in due time on all sides of the hill.  I got this great shot of Jean Claude and Carol Sureau, who come from my home area back East.  They know my Brother, who owns the Powers Gallery in Acton MA.  Art runs in the family and it was fun to make the connection with these folks.  We will have to see how the day breaks, but I am going with my tried and true game plan.  See The Line, BE The Line!!

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