3-14-17 by dave

The High Pressure zone has moved over the Front, leaving only the vestiges of the Northwest wind to keep the temps. from getting too warm too fast.  Mineral Basin was the place to start things out, with great Sun, steep drops of Hydro Velvet, and a very light traffic push for the first hour.  On the front of the hill, the Groomers were offering great lines as well, and the left over smooth on the Peruvian Trifecta was keeping me busy working those smooth lines before they got worked.  The day did warm up, but the pack was slow to really respond to the warmth.  At 3:00PM. the lower elevations became a bit sticky, but up until that quick shift it had that sorbet thing going, which let me get that deep interaction with the fall line.  Here is a shot of Old Reliable that illustrates the wind work that happened during last week.  Below this shot lies Mark Malu, which was offering dry chalky goodness that was fun and fast.  The Gadzooks trifecta was also prepared, and The Morning Crew got a few laps on that extravaganza all before breakfast and after the Mineral Basin charge.  It is amazing how much vertical you can pack in with no waiting and few folks on the hill.  Tomorrow, look for more great Spring conditions to continue and temps. to be even warmer than today.   Look for those Mineral Basin lines in the AM. for those uncrowded, ground pounding runs that make that area a favorite place to throw down.  The front of the hill is still offering smooth lines, and I expect more interesting carpets to appear where least expected.  Keep your eyes open for the surprise treats.  Be sure to follow the Sun as the different aspects break in the order they will.  IBBY!!

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