3-13-17 by dave

The sky was picture perfect Blue today, but those Northwest winds were still a bit brisk, keeping the day from warming up too fast.  Great Grooming had been done on all sides of the hill, but it was wise to let those West facing aspects thaw out a bit.   The Peruvian Trifecta of Upper, Middle, and Lower Primrose path had been prepared to a fine finish that was dusted over with wind transported snow.   Over on Gad 2, the Zooks Trifecta of Upper Middle and Lower Sections all being buffed and were offering smooth, dry, chalky goodness run after run.   Here is a shot of Upper Lone Star that had been prepared right from the top of the ridge line.  What a long steep treat that was, and with it facing due East it was softening up quickly in the Sun.   The High North aspects are still holding the cold dry chalk, but the rumble and interference patterns are building up.  The day warmed up, but I still was wearing my hat to keep my head warm as there was still a subtle nip in the wind.  Regulator finally softened up and began to offer some of that Sorbet quality that comes with the freeze thaw.  I met Mike and Alexandra from Boston MA. on the Tram today.  They were here for the first time ever and were having a great day in the Sun with the snow exceeding their expectations.  It was fun riding the Tram up with them and sharing the stoke.   Tomorrow, look for more warm weather, but the morning temps. will still be brisk, however, it will warm up fast.  Mineral Basin will be offering the best lines for the opening bell, but the front side of the hill will come around again later in the morning.  Regulator should be breaking around Noon.  The High North is still holding the cold, and the Road To Provo is very nice for those early runs on the fresh carpet.  See you there for the rockin’ Spring conditions.  Speed Safely!!

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