3-19-17 by dave

The temps. were much colder overnight, making the pack very frozen after yesterday’s warmth.  Mineral Basin was just beginning to break on the direct aspects, as the Sun had been playing on those lines since rising.  White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper were ready to go with a very nice buff job, but the early Lewis and Clark laps were a touch crispy and needed a bit to soften.   On the front of the hill,  some tenderizing efforts had been employed on the main runs, but off that tilled line, the pack was bullet proof and needed until 11:00AM. for anything on the front of the hill to break.  Regulator was holding out until after Noon to break, after which it was very nice and granular as it passed through the softening window.  On the Peruvian side of the hill, the Trifecta was really nice after it hit the sorbet window that lasted until 2:00PM. when it morphed into the sticky zone, especially down on the lower third of the hill.  Off trail was very limited, with only the High North still offering some dry cold chalk, however yesterday’s temp. spike seemed to have solidified those high aspects just a bit.  Here is a shot of Coach V out at the Spot.  Tomorow, look for another day of Spring conditions, with the usual rock around the clock approach the only way to get the best of the day.  I will be looking for those Mineral Lines for the first of the day, but those West faces will still be long in breaking. With all the warmth, one would think that there would be quite a melt off, but the cover continues to be excellent wall to wall, with only those areas close to the rocks melting down a bit, but who is working the rocks?  See you there for the morning explorations and corn goodness.  Stay Frosty!!

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