4-29-15 by dave

It was a beautiful warm morning to start the day, and there had not been much of a freeze except on the front of the hill, where it needed just a bit more time.  In Mineral Basin, the corn was just perfect to start out the session.  Dialing in deep carved arcs was a delight that kept me doing laps there to absorb as much of the goods as I could before it went away with the pounding sunshine.  After the first hour, the front of the hill was going off with Regulator hitting the sweet zone, which also carried down to the bottom of the hill.  Here again, it was not going to last long and getting it all before things went south was key for the day.  Here is a shot of the High North showing just how much the ambient warmth had affected the pack, as these roller balls indicate.  DSC02851On the lower mountain, the soft and sticky consistency was quick to develop, making laps on the upper elevations the call to squeeze the last bits of corn goodness out of the pitches.  Mark Malu held out longest with that North facing aspect, but the  lower flats would stop you cold if you did not dial it back before entering the sticky ZONE.  Tomorrow, look for more great corn early in the day.  A fast moving cold front is predicted to move through overnight, so there may be some clouds and a bit stiffer freeze in the AM.  Still, Mineral should be good to go from the first Tram.  The Bass Highway is getting very thin, so enter and work this section with care. DSC02845Here is a shot I took as I entered the mouth of the Canyon this morning, with the Sun illuminating the fins on the South side of the Gates to Heaven.  This is a huge, massive piece of mountain that gets lost in the Winter shade.  Be there early to squeeze all the goodness out of the day.   Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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