4-30-15 by dave

The clouds had moved off to the East for the opening bell, leaving the Sun shining brightly.  It was quite warm on the peak and the Mineral Basin Groomers were going off with perfect timing.  Lupine Loop offered sorbet that is as good as it gets, and laps on that side of the Bowl were vacant and just plain delightful.   On the front of the hill, the light freeze needed more time to break, but there was plenty of traction on the granular tenderized surface.  It is full  DSC02856speed ahead on the peak facility as workers are moving forward on the build.  I am excited to see how this develops and am looking forward to seeing the finished product.   The front of the hill broke quickly with the warm peak temps., and it was not going to take long for the snow to get too soft.  Trips to the bottom of the hill are now more difficult as the Bass Highway has melted off, and there are sections on the West facing section that you will have to walk across.  Coming back down via the Tram is advised, so bear that in mind as you plan your lines.   Here is a shot of two lovely folks from Iraq who were visiting the Bird for the first time.  They were really stoked to be on the peak and marveled at the high peaks and plentiful snow every where.  Tomorrow, look for another morning of early corn goodness.  Early risers get the best of the day, as the pack does not hold up very long with the warm morning temps.  It   DSC02857is such a treat to get those smooth sorbet lines that have untracked excellence.  There is still plenty of snow on the upper section of the hill, but there is melt off revealing some of the surface features, so be watchful.  Stay Frosty!!

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