5-01-15 by dave

It was warm on the peak to begin the day and the clouds had moved off for the first Tram’s arrival. The morning crew chose Lupine Loop to kick off the session, where we found perfect sorbet sweetness that was as good as it gets by any measure.  Once again, perfect is perfect and you just have to appreciate a gift from the Universe when it is served up like it was this morning.  We had to keep lapping that section to squeeze out the juice of such a delectable treat.   Here is a shot of The Jakester and Neil as we rode up after that first run.  DSC02863 On the front of the hill the corn was equally as sweet, though it payed to stay up high to avoid going to the bottom.   The Bass Highway has now developed a melted off section that will require a short hike over the dry road.  The snow continues toward Wilbre Ridge and on to the Plaza.  No real problem.  Going all the way to the bottom of the Gad Valley will get you a very long walk back to the Center. Here is a shot of the hill taken from higher up on the Canyon road that lets you see just how much snow is still covering the hill despite the melt off.  It is sad to see it go, but it must return to the BIG CYCLE for it to return once again when we get around the Sun once again.  fGlwgQlNv00wuC1sQuh2WEbmjjObQsgLukcC61mmLqOVRAT2yvmKLDmVXYI2GTVKpGV935ejnXscok848xr0hbil0XhJFNlPtim2XpmZwH27m4yC1r1-K9BrLHWDcM1qizwrrjtZHU9Lj9DY4QC6Ck3VgoyT2QOKfV6Rctib__9-kIZo49Ry0_FNyXRn31EU30WqFThere is some weather predicted to be moving in for tomorrow, but we might get a window first thing.  The early hours offer the very best lines with untracked cornuroy on those prepared runs.  Go get the goods.  IBBY!!

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