11-23-15 by dave

Temperatures rose this morning, making the first runs comfortable and smooth.  The snow guns were being shut down during the first hour as the temps. were getting too high for quality.  The Gun Powder below the  break over was velvety smooth and felt great under foot.  The super light traffic was a treat with no pressure from the folks coming from behind.  Still, I was looking over my shoulder when changing fall lines just in case.  The sides of the runs were still the place to find the soft snow, but nice machine worked lines had good traction and easy flow.  The Tram pace was a bit more relaxed and making back to back lifts were much easier than the weekend pace.  Here is a shot I took from up canyon looking up the Peruvian Gulch to let you see DSC03217the cover which will benefit from this coming storm that is coming in during the Wednesday- Thursday window.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some significant accumulation.  While I was parked taking this shot I turned and got this shot of Hellgate looking massive.  Every where you turn is a great shot.  DSC03219Tomorrow, look for another day of very light traffic, increasing clouds which will make visibility a bit flat, and South winds that may make things interesting.  There may be some transportation happening, so keep your eyes open for accumulated pockets.  The Grooming will be offering smooth and reliable lines, and coverage remains excellent on the main run.  This time is best for getting into shape and getting the cobwebs worked out.  I saw a lot of friends working the hill in fine form indeed, with all the cylinders firing.  Fun to see some of the lines being brought off Regulator in full effect. Yeah, I am talking about you Vince!!  Keep rockin’ it.  IBBY!!

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