11-22-15 by dave

Another clear cold morning greeted the crew as the First Tram hit the peak.  Once again, the snow guns were pounding out the goods on the hill top to bottom.  Regulator was offering the best Gun Powder on the hill, but the way the wind was blowing, you had to negotiate the firm upper section until you hit the bottom two thirds, where the deluxe dust was building up as the wind transported the wash down hill.  I dialed back the roll to get as much roundness into each turn as I could.  I love getting the entire ski riding the loaded arc.  Here is a shot of the one of the DSC03214guns down toward the bottom of Regulator where you can see the nice build up of goodness .  Gun Powder is another one of the types of perfection if it is done right, and this was good gravy!!  Traffic was light during the morning hours and no waiting for the lifts was a treat.  The right side of Big Emma had developed some acute medium amplitude interference patterns that looked painful to my knees but was getting a lot of attention.  The cover there was good, and folks were charging the line through the troughs.  There is still plenty of soft snow to get traction top to bottom, but there are some slick spots.  Sticking to the sides will offer the deepest piles of dust.  That is what I was aiming for all the way down.  Today was also the first day that the morning crew gathered over at the Forklift for the traditional morning breakfast repast.  This makes year 40 for this tradition.  We all have gotten older, but the folks at the Forklift stay the same age.  DSC03216Tomorrow, look for very light traffic as the weekend push will be gone.  The Groomers will be the only game in town, however, the light traffic will make it a bit more negotiable to maintain a line without looking over your shoulder every turn.  Look for the goods under the guns again and stay close to the sides for the best snow.  See you there for the first Boat.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

3 Responses to “GUN POWDER”

  1. Tom and Betty says:


    Nice to see the crew! Say hi to all – Scotty, Pete, the Chef, and you.

    Didn’t recognize the guy to your left as he was hidden.

    We first came in 1976 so this is 40 years coming up. Met you in ’77.



  2. dave says:

    That is Bob, he has been a fixture here forever. Even though he has outriggers to maintain balance he charges as hard as anyone. Nice to have him on board. Storms are rolling in for this week. Looks good.

  3. Amy Ross says:

    Hi Dave and crew! What a devoted and impressive tradition you’ve kept up for these decades! It’s really something to be proud of; keep up the rewarding efforts!

    Dave, I’ll see you sometime this week in our locker aisle! As usual, thanks so much for your daily posts; I always relish them! I also made sure to re-read (for the fifth time in two years) your and Jackson Hogen’s “Snowbird Secrets” book again last Thursday night in prep for this season’s life lesson absorptions, whatever they may prove to be.


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