11-24-15 by dave

There were high winds associated with the pre frontal approach of our next installment that is predicted to begin sometime tomorrow.  The clouds were holding off a bit for the first hours of the day, but the light was still a bit flat to be sure despite the periodic Sun peaking through.  Yesterday’s warmth in the afternoon softened Regulator and the lower mountain, which froze up very solidly with the overnight cold.  Regulator was very firm and required some serious edges to negotiate it with any degree of traction.  I chose to shlarve and shmear my way down just to get by the upper section.  I will deal with sticking my turns later when we have some softer snow to deal with.  Here is a shot of the Lower Cirque in the morning Sun looking promising, but still is DSC03221not ready for prime time quite yet.  We will have to see what this storm brings, and perhaps it will be enough to get this side of the hill open.  Tomorrow, look for weather to be the feature of the day.  There will still be very firm conditions on the machine worked lines.  Coverage remains good on the prepared runs, but be aware of the slick conditions.  Dress for weather. The morning session should provide the best of the day before the precipitation begins.  I will be going off planet for the next couple of days, so I will not be able to post.  Look for the next post on Friday, when I should be able to get Web access again.  SEE THE LINE  BE THE LINE!!!


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