12-18-10 by dave

Today began the first of the continuous flow that is over us now.  Not much accumulation overnight-made the Canyon access no problem.  I am pulling for the” less is more” accumulation, so that  we get to ski multiple untracked days instead of just one deep installment.  A slow build up also allows quicker access to the goods, and gets the necessary prep work done  for the next application of product.  Remember, we are all part of the prep work process, which is very important for the perfect finish.  Speaking of fine finishes, here is a shot of Thunder Bowl on opening day.  It possessed a finish that had aged in perfect conditions and skied like a dream. I am sorry the resolution is so dark, but the light was very flat at this time of the day.

FIrst Tracks of the Season

Tomorrow look for more snow to have fallen overnight  to create yet another fine finish for us.  This Westerly flow will continue to bring higher density snow, which will help build the base and fill in the sketchy entrances.  It is great to have the entire mountain open, the full uphill capacity is providing many more uphill options.  The Tram was tending to get backed up, but now all options are there to spread out the pressure.  Check the report in the Am for Canyon access, but I am betting that we will continue to see short accumulations.   See you there early for the fun.  Ciao!!

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