12-17-10 by dave

Light traffic, perfect Groomers, and cold snow made first Tram a fun one to be on.  The snow had remained soft, and certain areas had gotten softer these past days.   Gad 2 opened for the first time this season, giving access to the  boarder lands that are so coveted.  I took the opportunity of this opening to be on hand for the drop.  I was joined by  Bobby and Bunny  Skigrin, and we were not disappointed by the perfect powder  .  I paid close attention to the feel of the snow and the terrain, as that section of the hill gets a lot of traffic and can get worked, so the perfect unsullied character was a special treat.  Gad 2 is looking well covered with most of the entrances holding snow … for now.   Good lines are bump free and will be stellar with this next storm that will be with us for a few days.   Yea!!  I am off tomorrow, so hold it down for me.  The snow might begin overnight and make the morning worth an early start.   We are primed for a big cycle, so hold on to your hat!!   See you Sunday!!   IBBY!!!

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  1. walterklement says:

    Love your pictures. It is what we see everyday but you have really captured it!

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