12-16-10 by dave


As anticipated, the Groomers were going off with carvelicious consistency, encouraging full on lacerations in the fresh till.  Continued cold temps. kept the off trail refrigerated and kept it from setting up too much.  The North facing shots were getting a lot of traffic and have begun to show the wear in places.  Snow making efforts afforded some delightful Gun Powder extending 200 to 300′ below the guns.  I throttled back in these instances, and dialed in some high and tight turns to get as much of the essence as possible.  I mentioned earlier this year that, gun or sky, good powder is where you find it.  The West facing is still a bit tricky with some chunk and funk to contend with.  All aspects have been pretty much worked over, though there are still some lines to be had if you venture to the extremities and look for the ignored lines.  After venturing off trail in various locations to get a sense of things, I headed back to the machine worked runs to take advantage of the clean steel line turn to turn.   Yeah! That’s the ticket!!  Tomorrow look for the Groomers to, again, provide the buff zone and get you warmed up for the day.  The off trail is requiring a bit more persuasion to punch through as it sets up, but it also is beginning to bond to the lower surface and make the overall ride a bit less erratic.   More snow is on the way in the near future, so the extra effort  you place in these turns will pay off when the goods hit the hill.   See you there dark and early.   Ta!!

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  1. Hawaiin shirt Mark says:

    Hey dude! Great seeing you and the gang.. I played tour guide all week but will be back real soon, then we can have some fun!!! Mark

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