12-15-10 by dave

The faithful had their collective ear to the rail, and rallied to be there for this installment, which was buoyant and effervescent.   The bottom was still in play, being sketchy and scratchy where the recent warm spell worked it, but felt luxurious top to bottom.  The high North and Northeast facing provide the best ride.  Mineral Basin was  getting mixed reviews, so I expect that there was a wide range of variation. The snow stayed fluffy all day, though it did begin to get a tad set up lower on the hill, and might present some resistance in the AM.  Tomorrow, look for groomers to be perfect with this fresh product to work with.   Be aware of the variable consistency of the old layer, which varies widely from aspect to aspect.  The West facing undercrust was particularly tricky, so watch that aspect. It will take another storm to cover it up, though a friendly wind storm can work wonders.    I vote for that.   How about you?  Peace Out!

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  1. ko says:

    i love coming home after a day at the bird, to read your post. its a great way to finish the day. thanks and think snoww!

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