12-19-10 by dave

The rain drummed incessantly all of the early morning hours on the roof of the trailer.  I did not have to deal with the array this  morning, so I got up there with time to spare.  The faithful heard the call and where on time to partake of some opulent frosting on all exposures.  The high density product was effortless in the early stages, as the mountain got worked by knowledgeable seekers, who went for the far and obscure first thing, leaving other more accessible shots ignored.  Mineral Basin was excellent as well, though the visibility was a very real issue in the featureless areas.    I stayed with the front of the hill and tried to fly under  the radar  to get those last vestiges of untracked  that remain close at hand.  As Noon came and went, the harbor chop built up quickly and tested the drive line.  I opted to let the faithful knock the remaining air out of the fresh installment, and went to watch the Stealers.   Precipitation continues,  as this system remains in place over us, so tomorrow is going to be another bonus day of fresh frosting. Be sure  to check the road report before heading up.  I’ll see you in the AM.  Peace Out!!

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