12-20-10 by dave

The Canyon was closed last night as the storm moved in, starting out as heavy rain at the  base elevation.  That little bit of strangness did not bode well, but the snow level began dropping as the cold air moved in.  I had anticipated some more heavy density product when the road finally opened at 1:00 PM., but instead the faithful were treated to super deep, very light, puffy, and fluffy essence that blew up into full on face shots.  The folks who were on hand for the opening this morning had 2 full hours to themselves, and I am here to tell you they worked it all pretty quickly with  walk on Trams  to get to the next untrammeled run.  I heard the tales of the early runs that some of the fortunate were telling, and with the leftovers as a sample,  they were all true.  The  bottom  was still slightly in play due to the lightness of the product, but it buffered the rumble, substantially reducing the impact.  Be cautious of some of the traverses, where some extremely  abrupt whoopties are  walled up in the path, creating a factor to be anticipated if you are hauling the mail.  A double eject could have your name on it.  The conditions are excellent with more snow forecast for tonight, so a check on the road report should be made before getting out of the house.  I am hopeful that we will be able to get up  without delay in the morning, but with this much snow there is no telling.  This is the season we were all hoping for, so hold on tight it is going to be a very deep ride.   Peace Out!!

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  1. Erik Albert says:

    Keep up the great work! Saw Zappa Plays Zappa two nights ago. They played the whole Apostrophe album to celebrate Frank’s 70th birthday, which is today. It’s also Dick’s birthday. Hope you’re getting it good. See you in Feb.

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