12-21-10 by dave

Yes indeed, it was full on today right from the word GO.  The faithful were on hand and on time for the on time opening.  The  overnight report seemed to be a bit conservative with full on face shots and super deep pockets that had doubled up from yesterday.  I could still feel the bottom, but it was just a hint with no real problem.  The Peruvian Chair was basically vacant while the Tram was pushing the 5 Tram wait, so I moved over to the Chair to take advantage of the walk on situation.  Baldy opened, with Mineral Basin close behind,  giving the energized faithful some fresh and deep to explore.  Mineral was super deep, with the consistency being a bit heavy, and a full on charge mode required to negotiate the severe depth that had built up back there.  The mountain itself is full on now, with great entrances, covered reefs, and plenty of cushion  to take the sting out of some of those bump areas.  The harbor chop was stirred  up into stiff peaks that challenged an over aggressive approach.  I try to slow down and get round to assist in dealing with the chop, which stresses my knees.  I finally bailed at 2:00 PM , as the Tram line finally got to the walk on stage after Mineral opened to draw the pressure back there.   More snow is on the way  for the next two days, which will keep the hill  soft for the early risers.  The chop will be established again, so the earlier the better.  Look to the chairs for very good access and more skiing if you take advantage of the neglected uphill capacity.    Check for road access in the AM., as you never know  if they got hammered overnight.   See you dark and early.  IBBY!!!

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