12-22-10 by dave

Once again we got hit with another installment just before Christmas to build the base up and make it, perhaps, one of the best early seasons that I can remember. Today’s product was distinctly  high density with something going on with the snow crystals that was pulling on everyone’s equipment.  The untracked was  incredibly smooth, though I was challenged by the consistency , even though I have a pair of those  new, hip, now, mod, a go go powder skis, which work wonderfully, but today I was getting worked.  The harbor chop came up very quickly in sharp abrupt peaks that did not give much, and was particularly interesting in the marginal visibility.  After Noon, the Tram line went away, giving way to back to back access, which was very opportune as the increasing winds, and heavy snow began to over take the traffic and smooth out the upper faces.  Mineral Basin was very tricky with the high density putty very difficult to negotiate in the almost zero visibility.  Tomorrow look for more snow to have fallen, and the road to be closed at 6:00 AM.  It might be another day of hurry up and wait, so plan a good spot to wait.  This type of snow will be an incredible addition to the base, and will be a perfect material for wind buff if we get a good wind event.    Check for the road opening , see you in the AM.  Ciao!!

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