12-23-10 by dave

The high density installments continue with very tricky conditions.  Granted, today’s untracked was a bit more buoyant, though it reminded me of Tapioca; sticky, thick, lumpy, and just not my idea of a great desert. I battled the lines, which backed off as the day progressed, and battled the severe harbor chop  as long as my knees would allow before I bailed.   Tomorrow, look for improving weather for the weekend and the grooming to be the ticket if you are looking for perfect.  I think the off trail will continue to be problematic, as most every pitch had slide debris, which is set up and tricky as well.   The good news is that the entrance to Great Scott has improved markedly and is no longer the no go zone it has been of late.   As I said yesterday, this snow is going to be a great base builder for the next while, as we move into the time of season when we can get those prolonged High Pressure areas that hang over  us; so the more we get now the better.    I am going to be making the trip  back to the Home Planet for a few days, where I may  not be able to get any SUB SPACE channels to post by, but I will do my best.  Happy Holidays to every one,  be safe and don’t forget to SIZZLE!!   Peace Out!!!

6 Responses to “STILL GOO”

  1. Todd says:

    Is it really that bad? You must be spoiled by so much good snow lately!

  2. EB says:

    Thanks again Guru Dave for all the tips and pointers on how to “ski the conditions.” Like you told me on the gondola, “I ski because it’s fun!”

  3. Christopher Thiel says:

    Hey Dave…Early 90’s had a year like this and I think 78-79 was great early…
    You must remember the Sultans of Swing…Art, Scott, Franco, CT, Bayless…Back when team Sizzle was born we all had tram corners!
    I have some great pics of you circa 77 or so in my collection!
    Have a Merry Christmas.
    See you later this year.

    Chris Thiel

  4. Warren says:

    Dave, it has been quite a pre-chriustmas run, glad we were able to enjoy some of it with you early December…..was great riding the tram with you listening to your stories about your early days at St. Francis in Biddeford and surfing stories in York……and i have checked out Ralphs Pics, cool. Happy holidays from the other side, see you later this year.

    Warren & Carol

  5. bill barker says:

    Arriving from UK with 4 buddies 29/01/11 for 1 wk in The Bird.What price on a day out with you?…The currency of… banter…camaraderie…just for the giggle…surely not $?!*


  6. dave says:

    Yes indeed, the conditions were that interesting. I am reticent to use the word bad, but difficult and interesting seem to characterize the conditon. We are spoiled by the recent early season conditons, though that is the snow we know and love, where the recent installments of tropical powder stand in sharp contrast to some of the very special snow textures. One has to touch the fringes to know the center!!

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