12-25-10 by dave

The Sun finally came out, after a long siege of  base building stormage, to shed light on the situation.  Nice situation indeed, after last year’s thin coverage.  There have been early season periods like this, and many have contacted me to refresh my memory, and that is why I have been grabbing hold of each and everyday.  Since I am not there,  I will surmise that the groomers are killer,- I will post a shot of this perfection as soon as I return- with the off trail well covered, and the entrances in much better shape after this last layering of SPACKLE.  These storms are going to set up a base that is bomber as we move forward into the season.    I visited the beautiful Beaver Mountain yesterday, and had a wonderful time in the Sunshine and great cover that they have there.  Having never been there before, I was impressed by the great variety of exposures and features this hill  possesses wall to wall.  It would take some time to explore all the faces and out of bound areas that are accessible.   I only have minimal Internet access, so I will try and get out a more informed post for tomorrow.  Enjoy the holidays and I will return very soon.   IBBY!!!

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  1. curtis kreutzberg says:

    Merry Christmas to all readers of the Gu’s blog. It’s great that you’re reading but it’s time to start commenting. Dave put’s his heart and soul into this and he’d love to hear from you. I’ve skied at least twice as much vertical with Dave as anyone else. I can guarantee you that this blog is a labor of love. Show a little love for all the free ice cream, tell Dave what you think.

  2. SnowbirdDevotee says:

    Hi Dave, for sure thanks for the free ice cream. Your labor of love is much appreciated, both the words and the blog design are superb! Reading your blog reminds me daily of the very special place that Snowbird is, as far as I can tell, the best ski hill on planet earth. I’m coming out soon to claim a trip I won for writing a Snowbird wiki.
    But I’m just a poser compared to you, you are the true SnowbirdDevotee. Hope to see you on the hill.

  3. Mark Urdahl says:


    I’ve posted before (and I don’t really do this kind of thing normally), but I agree with Curtis……the special attention you pay to the mountain is far better than any weather report, and a joy to all of us who share your love of this mountain.

    Since you were not here today……..a tip from your friends: windblown powder was the play of the day, preferably in the sunshine such as Regulator but Silver Fox and other shaded shots were also fantastic. The groomers, of course, were great – smooth and buttery on both sides off the tram all day. The light light crowd afforded us ample opportunity to make lap after lap on consecutive red tram or blue, seeing old friends, saying “how do you do?”……..What a wonderful world. 🙂

    I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I hear the wind blowing………..look forward to seeing you back.

  4. TK says:

    I agree with Mark! My first two daily website checks are Snowbird’s snow report and Guru Dave’s mountain update. This is only our second winter in SLC, and I am soooo glad to have been turned on to the Gu! I’ve never seen anything like this, and have to think it’s one of a kind. Snowbird is incredibly fortunate to have such an advocate singing her praises consistently and in such detail. 🙂

    See you out there, Dave!

  5. dave says:

    Thanks for the props Kurtis. I love the Ice Cream and I will take Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks! Yummm!!!

  6. curtis kreutzberg says:

    See you in the morning Dave, lord willin’ and Liam don’t close the road.

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