12-26-10 by dave

It was dumping as I drove down Parley’s Canyon, so I was glad to see the fresh installment coming in hard.  My contacts told me the light was very flat,with the details minimal, though the Groomers were happening top to bottom, making the flat light easier to negotiate.  Flat light is good training for feel and pays dividends when you get HD back.  Here is a Shot I took of  untracked corduroy  at the top of Beaver Mountain the other day.    It was very nice, and perfect just IS!!  Look for some fresh snow overnight to freshen things up.  I will be making a much more thorough  report for tomorrow, as I will be able to check aspects first hand.  The hill changes so fast, that 3 days can make a huge difference, though, so can 3 hours!  See you dark and early!!!   Ciao!


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