12-27-10 by dave

I was back on first Tram this morning as the pressure was non existent until 10:30 AM, when the folks began to show up and surge the line briefly.  The groomers were very nice in the marginal visibility, with the off trail being a bit more difficult and variable from aspect to aspect.  The high density of the last big storm is setting up and solidifying for the next storm.  There is the requisite mid amplitude bumps in the high traffic areas, but there are lines available that let you stretch out the turns a bit.  Mineral Basin was problematic, with difficult visibility issues.  The snow making was going full blast on Regulator, depositing a nice sugary satin underneath the guns.  I just kept going back for more as the Peruvian side of the hill got a tad contested with the Peruvian Express in play.  Tomorrow, look for excellent groomers to get you rolling, and further afield forays may find some blown in sections.  Keep your eye to the guts and tree lines for wind deposited goodness.  Perhaps Mineral Basin will have better visibility to scout out the situation more closely.  Also be aware of holiday folks not being totally aware of the surroundings.  It is best to give them a wide margin and be cautious in the congested areas.  I am looking forward to another great day tomorrow, so see  you in the AM.   Peace Out!  P.S.   Watch  out for Black Ice in the lower Canyon in the morning!

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