12-28-10 by dave

There is a big system moving into the area, and there is no wind preceding it’

WIngin it.

s advance, which is unusual.  The bright Sun and cool temperature were perfect for high speed rock and roll.  The Groomers were going off with velvet smoothness and excellent consistency, making it a perfect day to pull the Wings out of the hanger.   I got three smokin’ runs before the hill began to get traffic on it.  The Tram line was walk on for the most part, with just the usual pressure when the folks showed up at 10:30, but the uphill capacity dealt nicely  with the light pressure.  The Snow Guns were cranking it out on Regulator providing freshies down slope, with perfect granular sugar to stir with wild abandon.   I went out to Mineral Basin, which was bathed in sunlight, and found the groomers perfect and rip worthy, though the off trail was still a bit stiff from the moisture content of the last batch and required a straight ahead, no nonsense approach.  Tomorrow look for the storm to be moving in for the day which is the best situation, as the conditions get better as the day progresses.  Check the Canyon report for access, but I think it should be good to go if there is not too much over night.  There is a mild build up of bumps on the high traffic areas, especially on the lower mountain, but that goes with the added pressure and snow density.  The next installment will be a perfect buffer to mitigate whatever rumble is present.    We are on the threshold of another great storm cycle.  Hang on to your hat!!!   Peace Out!!!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey – been checking out your blog for your ski reports, thanks! Just wondering – what are those wing things you are using? I’ve never seen those! thanks – Jenn

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