12-29-10 by dave

Today was one of those powder days that you dream about, where the snow falls faster than it can get skied out.  A fair crowd of faithful was on hand for the first Tram that went off on time into a high South wind, with snow falling and blowing into the Peruvian Gulch, making that the favored side of the hill.  The West Faces were capturing the goods as well in the hollows and tree lines, where the wind dropped it in deep pockets of beautiful essence, but the more exposed sections were getting scoured to the old base.  Yes indeed, the good stuff is back in a big way after the base building high density product of the last cycle.   I skied into Great Scott right off the top with no consideration of the rastiness that had built up there, because it was far below after the last dump of Spackle.  Now,  the entrance was totally sweet and could take a left hand turn holding the left wall all the way out of the throat.   Deeply deposited fluff was building continuously as the high winds continued pile it on those exposures.  The old layer could be felt in the thinner areas, but the blast zone was clean, green, and could take the drive line with no worries.  The cold front moved in at the end of the day, with the inches per hour rate sky rocketing.  The Canyon opened to let us out, but will be closing for the night, so check the road report in the AM.   Tomorrow will be another “hurry up and wait” day, though the cold temps will insure great powder and blower shots when it finally goes off.   I know  that I am putting this post up late, but I got all of the day, start to finish.  I just could not stop getting those rare untracked mid day runs with no pressure.  Ahhhhh!!!!   I’ll See you when I get up there, but keep in mind how perfectly this entire early season build up has set the stage for legendary TALES OF POWDER.    What tales will you be able to tell? They will be TRUE!!  IBBY!!!

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