12-30-10 by dave

Wow!  What a cycle we have had going into the New Year.  These storms have really come through with the goods, and the faithful were on hand to get it all, after they got up the Canyon.   The fortunate few, who got the earliest Trams were blessed with some dream like frosting wall to wall.  The snow seemed a touch heavier than yesterday, requiring a more fall line power turn.  It was still snowing when I left, and the forecast is for some more lake effect overnight, which will  put the icing on the cake.  We have Mineral Basin and Little Cloud to look forward to tomorrow, so you know that is going to be epiphanistic when they open that.  I can’t wait!!! We are there, all systems GO, the  hill is fat; now you got to bring it!   Check the road report in the AM..   Peace Out!

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  1. tom says:

    hi guru, they opened road to provo at about 2:15 & mineral shortly thereafter. the far traverses off rtp are still untouched – can’t speak to mineral as i spent the last 2 hrs off rtp … which was delish

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