10-18-14 by dave

It was super warm today, and a perfect day for Customer Appreciation Day.  The folks were arriving early to get that Tram ride for a Food Donation.  The winds were still and the peak temp was very mild indeed.  The progress on the peak facility has really taken shape with most of the steel up and the floors being poured before the Winter closes in.  This is going to be such a cool structure that has plenty of glass to give you vistas forever.  Here is a shot taken from the Tram dock looking South.  DSC02278Here is another shot looking toward the North East giving you an idea of the scale of the building. The entire South end will be a huge glass surround.  DSC02279I am so looking forward to spending time in the middle of high weather just checking out the intensity from the protection and comfort of the building.  Plus, when the old shack is gone, it will afford  360 Degree vistas with no restrictions.  Very cool.  There is still a skiff of snow from the last cycle that moved through  a few weeks ago, but for the most part it is gone from all but the highest North aspects.  Here is a shot of the Twins with just that little bit of frosting.  DSC02280The Mountain Accord is a site that is asking for input on the development of advanced transportation systems to better serve the Wasatch, and help deal with the traffic issues.  Here is the link so you can weigh in on the issue.  http://mountainaccord.com/get-involved/.   This will be very important as we go forward into the future.  The days are ticking off, and it will be Go Time before you know it.  Get your tools ready for the fun and get up there tomorrow for the last day of Tram service.  Peace Out.

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  1. jim brown says:

    Dave: really getting stoked up by your periodic reports. Should be there before Thanksgiving. Jim

  2. TomDbomb says:

    Thanks for posting the Mt. Accord link Gu!

  3. Josefina says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > WARM DAYS

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