10-09-14 by dave

This coming weekend marks the end of Oktoberfest for this year.  I will be sad to see it end, as I have had a blast hanging out and listening to the great bands that perform.  I got to see lots of folks I have not seen in a long time and take in the vibrations the hill generates.  Here is a shot of one of the Tyrolian Horn players that was waiting to take the Tram to the peak for a sounding of the horns to bring in the Big Snow.  DSC02275The air has been crystal clear these past weeks with ultra blue gracing the sky wall to wall.  This resolution sets off the vibrant fall colors of the foliage as the are now hitting the peak of color.  The Aspens are particularly iridescent and seem to strobe against the dark green of the Pines.  Stunning.  DSC02271The weather has rebounded from that cold wet cycle that was holding strong a couple of weeks ago, where there was some small accumulation that continues to hold on to the High North.  I like this  dry pattern because it signals a better start to the real accumulation cycle.  Early deep snow in October usually seems to indicate a dry start.  A dry October seems to break open in the late part of the month and then unleashes a continual series of storms to build the pack.  That would be a much better scenario for a big opener and a continued stream of the Goodness.  DSC02273 I did not get up to the peak last weekend as it was very crowded and there was quite a line.  Good progress continues on the peak structure, where the floors are being poured and they are racing the clock to get it wrapped up for the Winter.  Be sure to make an effort to get up for the festivities this weekend and soak up the vibes, food and fun.  The forecast is  for a splendid weather, so take advantage of this last opportunity to party before the Ski Season starts.  Time is flowing like Little Cottonwood Creek in high melt off mode, so it won’t be long and we will be waist deep in the Essence before you know it.  Peace Out!!

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  1. marie says:

    dry october is okay. if it just saves it all up for later, when it comes down as SNOW SNOW SNOW …. !

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