10-25-14 by dave

Customer Appreciation was extended for another weekend and will continue tomorrow as well.  I took this last opportunity to get up the peak to see the progress on the new structure.  All the steel is up and the floors and roof have been poured going into the Winter stretch.  Here is a shot looking at the South end of the structure.  DSC02281This will all be enclosed with glass when work continues in the Spring.  The work area has been cleaned up and cleared so that there will be plenty of room to move on the peak this Winter.  A new road has been cut out in Mineral Basin all the way out to the pass looking into Mary Ellen Gulch.  It eliminates the Hillary Step.  This will be a nice addition and will restore the Bookends lines.  DSC02284As you can see, there is just a bit of residual snow still holding on to the North facing exposures.  Now we are ready for the real deal to begin.  It won’t be long now until we are warping down all the lines we have been dreaming of all Summer long.   Get up there tomorrow for the last opportunity to hang on the peak until the season begins.  See you soon.   Peace Out!!

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  1. marie says:

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date of this.

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