1-21-17 by dave

A surprise accumulation fell on the Wasatch this morning, causing very greasy conditions on all of the roads to the resorts.  Massive backups made for very long drives up to the hill.  I had to dig out The Trailer, where over a foot of fresh medium density Essence made it easy to kick back and enjoy the day off.  Up on the hill, the depth was over knee deep and from the shots posted on social media, there were few folks for the early session and very deep powder wall to wall.  With that much accumulation, most, if not all the underlying static would have been of no consequence.  Here is a shot from Robert Moyer, who made it up and was enjoying the casual pace and the fresh installment.  Thanks for sending that out to me Robert!!The snow kept coming until well into the afternoon and I had to re clear the antenna array.  Tomorrow, look for a great day on the hill.  There will be a road closure at 6AM., with a estimated opening at 8AM.  There will be a lot of pressure for the goods and I plan on taking a very leisurely approach to the morning.  There is plenty waiting in the wings, so it will be deep for everyone.  The coverage on the hill is fully fat, with all of the real features gone until Spring.  All the entrances are in good shape and any line you chose will be one for the memory logs.  Here is another of my explorations with paint to add color to a stormy day.  I love the vivid colors and the interesting dimensions.  See you for the amazing morning that awaits.  Speed safely!!

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