1-20-17 by dave

A few more inches were covering the dance floor this morning as the Morning Crew headed out to Mineral Basin.  Though the visibility was variable with the continued snow fall, the required details on the runs were enough to keep the smooth lines well defined.  Those un tracked  inches over the corduroy made each turn a treat.  On the front of the hill, beautifully buffed lines had been prepared that made me do back to back laps to get as much of that goodness as possible before it was discovered.  I motored off trail to see how the ride was, and found the existing rumble to still be fully in play, but the medium density of this installment helped take some of the sting out of the transitions.  There were isolated pockets of wind deposited product that made those lines quite a bit deeper, with only a hint of the bottom static.  I kept working those lines as they were being totally ignored and seemed to fill in with each run.  After the morning breakfast session, I had to say so long to our friend Frank, who has been here for a couple of weeks and is leaving until later in the season.  He got some great snow during his stay and spent the morning skiing with The Chairman of The Board.  I love how fired up he gets when he gets dialed and just SIZZLES!!   Tomorrow, look for more Essence to be added to the pack.  The off trail should be getting better with each addition, and the cushion will help mitigate that rumble.  Still, be watching those high traffic areas, as the interference patterns that built up have high amplitude and will continue to be interesting in the variable visibility.  Snow should continue during the morning hours before breaking after Noon, so dress for storm riding.  As a parting shot, I offer this piece of art that I did last Summer during the hot days.  Since I never actually touch the paint in any way, it is always a surprise to see what will manifest.  I just try to stay out of the way and let it flow.   Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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