1-19-17 by dave

After a short stretch of High Pressure, a fresh coating of Essence covered the hill.  Though it started out being only a couple inches of primer coat, the continued precipitation began to build up.  It was snowing hard when I left at 3:30 PM. and there was 4” in the parking lot.  The medium density product began to adhere to the old layer, offering a nice cushion, however it was not nearly enough to dampen the off trail rumble.  I drove off the prepared area in the low visibility in Mineral Basin during the first run, and was rudely awakened to the fact that I had gone askew.  DOH!!  All of the smooth lines from the past few days were still holding strong, and I was using these known lines to keep the flow smooth and consistent.  When you can’t see, it is more about flow and feel than anything else.  Traffic was light and walk on Trams were happening all day.  Here is one half of Team Martin taking advantage of the roomy ambience on the Tram dock.Visibility was problematic all day long, but staying close to the trees helped with reflected light making the details stand out better.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to have fallen overnight.  Hopefully, the medium density will continue to cushion the old layer and fill the widespread rumble.  There was little to no wind today, so the snow seemed much lighter as it built up.  You can expect another day of storm riding, so keep in mind those lines that have been holding the smooth and stay with the Groomers for the best ride.  IBBY!!

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