1-18-17 by dave

The weather dude called for increasing clouds for the day’s festivities, but the clouds held off until well after closing, leaving the day sunny and bright wall to wall.  The Groomers were still offering the smooth carpets that were big mountain perfect.  Lines that had been worked days ago are still holding the smooth, dry, chalky feel that kept me returning lap after lap to tap into the rare pitches that are steep and long.  The temps. were still brisk for the morning session, but the day warmed up nicely, with those steep due South aspects feeling a bit like Spring.  With weather on the horizon, I was checking out the off trail lines, where the interference patterns and variable rumble live, in order to get a game  plan for when the next installment covers the dance floor.  During the afternoon session, I took a pit stop at the Mid Gad Restaurant and met John and Casey from Marble Falls Texas.  This is their first trip to the Bird and have been reading the site for a month out ahead of the trip.  They were stoked to be enjoying the Sun and snow and are really going to love it when it gets deep in the next few days.   I really love to meet the folks who read the posts and are inspired to join the festivities.  Tomorrow, look for clouds to make visibility interesting.  Look to the Groomers for the smooth lines that will help that flat light navigation.  That off trail will be very bouncy even in the best of visibility, and it will take some cover to begin to  mitigate the rumble.  The hill is still in great shape for this next installment, and with just a bit of wind to begin smoothing the lines, it will go a long way to getting all lines back to big mountain smooth.  Wild weather is often a feature of life on the Peak. Here is a shot that Wynonna sent of a very lazy Ice Puppy trying to take a nap on one of the Adirondac  Chairs on the Summit Patio.   IBBY!!

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