1-22-17 by dave

A combination of big snow, and big wind made for a very interesting day.  The wind had scoured some of the higher elevation aspect, but other aspects got the goods with the transport.  Some of the aspect were wind buffed as well, but lower down on the hill was deep and blower.  Traffic was very heavy and the road up the Canyon was backed up to Big Cottonwood at 8:30 AM.   I decided not to make the ascent and went back The Trailer to talk to the horses in the coral, and watch the games.   Here is a shot of me last year getting the face shots that I could have got today, but lots of the faithful will have gotten them for me so I don’t feel like I missed out.  Needless to say, the conditions are what they write about in the magazines, with amazing cover, excellent quality, and a fairly stable snow pack.   Tomorrow, look for a few new inches to cover the dance floor.  More precipitation is predicted during the day, so dress for storm riding as the wind will still be playing a large roll.  There could be some variable consistency in the new snow with the wind, so use your inner senses to find your best line.  I expect to be on the hill first thing in the AM. and will have a first hand report for tomorrow.  We are in the Zone, and all the forecasts look good for the next while.  Stay Frosty!!

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