12-18-11 by dave

It was 35 Degrees on the peak this morning, with very nice velvet Grooming to greet the morning crew.  The left side of the Regulator grooming area held this dry chalky quality well past Noon.  I was working one side of the hill then the next, and I just put as many turns as was comfortable on the Regulator side to take advantage of this living room shag quality line.  I was pretending I was working the NW face of Red Baldy, which mimics the pitch and length of Regulator in many respects.  If I climbed all the way up there and found this kind of dry wind slab, I would be ecstatic. That keeps things

Beautiful Lake Boneville

fresh and interesting despite the limited terrain.  It really is all down hill from there anyway.  The off trail is developing increasingly abrupt interference patterns as they get more traffic.  Upper Silver fox is looking particularly scraped off on the steep section, leaving very sketch lines through the rocks.   Macaroni is passable, though the exposure to the fins just below is intimidating and a roll of the dice.  Again, I am steering clear until we get more cover.  Tomorrow, look for very light traffic, with continued velvet lines to be the feature of the early morning session.  If you do sojourn off trail, be sure  to take your time and stay on the game, as there is little margin for error there.  See you in the AM. for fun and continued Sizzling!!!   Ciao!!

2 Responses to “VERY BALMY”

  1. Rick Stalker says:

    Sitting here in Roseville while playing golf in shorts over the weekend I needed a hit of Little Cottonwood so obviously had to tune into the Gu Report. Conditions are horrible here in the Sierra with nothing more than limited man made. Still waiting for the pattern to break and bring some weather down.
    Hope to be in the Canyon in Feb.

  2. dave says:

    When the pattern breaks, it is going to go off. I feel good about February!!

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