12-17-11 by dave

I spent the day in the inversion layer, well below the beautiful Sunshine that was pouring over the hill.  The Black Ice was really on in the Canyons after the mist settled on the road during the early morning hours.  A pick up went off up in Little Cottonwood, ending up down the embankment.  That will harsh your joy after day of skiing, or, on the way up, become like a bad dream where you never get to the hill no matter how hard you try.  Really watch that little bit of rastiness.  The hill is still holding up the smooth, as the snow pack continues to solidify, which makes the runs consistent, eliminating the harbor chop build up that can slow the entire process down.  Tomorrow, look for a bit better traffic pattern, with the early Trams offering the best running of the day as usual.  Off trail is still getting a fair bit of traffic, with folks working upper Silverfox and entering Rat’s Nest. The cover on the Cirque is still thin, however, the constant traffic has mitigated the surprise factor, so go there with eyes wide open.   The folks making turns in those areas seemed to be getting some nice lines.  I am still staying clear while I wait for the next installment.  Many of the areas will be immediately helped by some significant fresh, so I will bide my time.  Conditions are fun, so I will see you there in the AM for the Rock and Roll festivities.   IBBY!!   P. S.  I have some new photos, but I miss placed my camera, which I now have a line on, so I will have some fresh views to share.

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  1. Dave;

    You also might comment about staying away from the whales by snowguns. I have been lucky for years but, last thur @ wilber ridge, 2nd run, making a long arc turn, upweighting on snow gun whale, got stopped dead and body slammed to the ground, face first ,got lucky,, no rocks or wood underneath, after 45-odd yrs, of skiing heres guessing I had something else to learn,extermely sore neck, but lucky. I;ll see everbody on friday for the 40th. I was on board with my family, opening day, both my folks were Idaho NSPS. So the whole day will bring back good memories

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