12-16-11 by dave

It was murky in the Valley this morning as I drove up  the hill, but the clouds broke open as I gained altitude and I was able to spend the day above the dense air.   While the air is bad, it is not even close to the level that we saw in the 70s when there was a distinct rust color to the clouds.  None the less, today we were treated to bright Sunshine, warm temps. and beautiful vistas.  The Grooming  job had really made the morning  great.  I felt like I was able to set my edge with confidence, as the feel of the snow was just right  to Lock and Load the edge.  There is little to no chatter developing as the traffic works the open areas, though the glaze reappears later in the day.   Look for the sides of the runs to hold the dust later in the day.   The Lower Men’s Down hill Chute is still smooth, but the glaze makes the bottom half very difficult to grab an edge.  Be careful there at the bottom where the Cat Track converges with folks coming from the right.  The snow making continues, and the gun powder was very smooth, cold, and predictable.  I love good man made, as I used to make it back in the day before I moved to Utah.  Tomorrow, look for the morning Trams to offer the best of the day, and be aware that the traffic on the hill is going to be substantially increased, so keep your up hill awareness dialed.  I will see you up there Sunday. IBBY!!!

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