12-15-11 by dave

Team Early Morning was treated to some ultra smooth and velvety Corduroy, which even in the early morning flat light was Good to Go.  The snow today has become more consistent each day after the new snow fell a few days ago.  The Valley was shrouded in fog, making the day in the Sun a treat.  Some of the off trail lines seem to have been well established, so venturing down them will be much more realistic, though great care should still be taken.  Tomorrow, look for continued fun on the Groomers, with light traffic and very consistent conditions.  It is so nice to have the casual pace that is a feature of this pattern in the weather.  The laps will pay off when to goods get here.  Now is a good time to scope out your favorite lines from a distance to get an eye ball on the under lying rock a tree features that will be in play when they get covered up by the next storm.  Just  something to keep in the back of your mind.  See you there for the early morning rock and roll fest.  Peace Out!!!

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