12-14-11 by dave

As anticipated, the Grooming Crew had worked the hill over beautifully, after which a light gesture of angel dust covered the dance floor for the first Tram crew.  The visibility was fair with clouds moving through, that intermittently let some rays of the Sun through.  Having softness to work with helped the stoke factor immensely after such a long stretch of firm conditions.  The snow making is still going full force, providing some nice turns through the Gun Powder.  I am a bit Gun shy still, but I have not encountered any weirdness since my altercation, however, I still take a great deal of care going through the curtains.   The new soft feeling snow has invited the fast movers to up the game, charging the limited lines with unmitigated audacity, at the same time I have been slowing down a bit to work on some subtleties of turn motion, so I have to really be watching over my shoulder.  Off trail is still marginal, with snags and rocks to negotiate.  I am still steering clear of those areas until we get more snow.  Tomorrow, look for continued improvement on the Groomers, as the tenderizing efforts seem to have a cumulative effect, making each consecutive day a bit more consistent.   There are still some isolated spots of wild glaze poking through here and there, so expect them.  I am still aiming for the piles of fluff, while avoiding the glaze, that seems to look a bit grey by comparison, so watch the subtle shades of white  for reference.  Traffic is still light, making the back to back boogie an easy pace.   See you there dark and early.   IBBY!!!  P. S.  Watch the canyon top to bottom, as there were numerous indications of slide offs all the way down.  BLACK ICE!!!!

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