12-13-11 by dave

There was a light dusting on the Trailer this morning, so I figured there would be a half inch on the hill, but there was fully 2” in the parking lot and 4″ up on the hill.  The fresh Essence was medium density, feeling luxurious when it was un tracked.  The apron under the Middle Cirque, though not steep, was phenomenally smooth and creamy.  Like Butter.  The crowd was quite light for fresh snow, and the chop did not really build up.  There was the tiles and piles period, where you had to dial in the piles, and float the tiles.  However,  as the snow continued, it began to adhere to the old surface,  becoming more consistent as the day developed. Still, a long deliberate turn dealt with the variations.   Off trail is still problematic, with the new snow covering some of the features, and a number of folks found these little  gems the hard way.  Be careful.  After my recent chastisement, I have been  giving the Mountain an extra measure of respect. Tomorrow, look for the Cat Crew to have worked the new snow into the mat, providing some of the most velvety corduroy imaginable.  Perfect is perfect, no mater the kind, and there are many different kinds of perfect to sample.  Perhaps there might be some additional surprise accumulation to add to the softness.  With the new snow,  you will not be able to hear the approach of the fast movers coming from behind, which makes it doubly important to keep and eye uphill.  I have been slowing down to smooth out the ride, and mitigate the threat of instant explosion due to the variations, making my own awareness of my pace relative to the traffic around me imperative. Perhaps we might see some Sun tomorrow to shed some light on the situation.   See you in the AM.   Ciao!!

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  1. Leon Rives says:

    Thank you very much for the pointers yesterday ! We certainly enjoyed meeting the guru.

  2. marty huebner says:


    See ya on the can thur


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