12-12-11 by dave

There was a high cloud deck obscuring the Sun today.  As the Sun rose up in the sky it began to burn off improving the visibility quickly.  The Cat Crew had done some tenderizing for the morning crew, providing a very consistent morning, with the scratchiness holding off until after Noon.  There was some very nice Gun Powder around the guns that felt very luxurious and velvety.  Good man made is a treasure as well.  Granted, natural precipitation is superior, but those smooth carving turns are a real treat during this low snow beginning.  There is a change in the weather in the offing, that may improve the conditions.  Even a half inch can be significant.   Also, expect some variable lighting and continued smoothness on the Groomers, but keep in mind the very well defined terrain variations that can throw you a curve quite quickly.  Not much has changed, so I will keep this short.   See you there early!   Peace Out!

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